Solar Products

Leading Buyer-Individual of Solar Products such as Solar Powered LCD Flashing Keychain and Solar Clock from Delhi.

Solar Powered LCD Flashing Keychain

You can print your customers' logo, that means you can make the solar powered LCD key chain yourself. And your customers can insert their own images or pictures instantly. Change the picture any time.


  • Any logos are able to be put into the keychain
  • Solar Powered LCD
  • No battery required
  • Flashing all the time, in room or outdoor light
  • This is a great insertable solar powered LCD keychain to view photos
  • Digital picture frame keychain changes the picture any time
  • Simply open the drawer and place the image, then simply colose the drawer
  • You can print your own log

Solar Clock



  • Cute flower bud which moves by light
  • Talking time and temperature
  • LED backlignt
  • Time/Temperature display
  • 15 kinds of Languages (including English, Spanish, Italian, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, TurkIsh, Arabic, Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian, Vletnamese and Chinese)